#38 - Global Stock Markets, Side Hustles, Bitcoin's Energy Use and Active vs Index Investing with Damien Talks Money

Published on: 5th January, 2022

This week I'm joined by YouTuber Damien Talks Money and we talk through a load of different things, including making a success from YouTube, the state of the global stock markets, staking crypto, bitcoin's energy use and active vs passive investing.

Damien's channel has grown incredibly fast through his unique combination of UK tailored finance content, delivered in a way that is equal parts educational and entertaining.

It was great to have Damien on The Hedge podcast to find out a bit more of what goes into his channel and his thoughts on various money and investing topics.

If you want to get a free copy of the Modern Investing Fundamentals eBook - you can get your copy at thehedge.io

You can find Damien's YouTube Channel here and his Instagram here

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